Scorecard for Statistica and its advantages

Scorecard for Statistica is a perfect solution for any financial company that wants to develop and maintain scorecards in-house. It is based on Statistica analytical suite.

Main advantages of Scorecard for Statistica:

  • Enables efficient in-house development of scorecards
  • Implements industry standard methodology
  • Empowers you with the possibility to monitor processes of credit granting, detecting frauds, collecting debts, and more
  • Automates scoring calculation
  • Supports creating of complex strategies
  • Shares knowledge from dozens of implementations worldwide
  • Enables you to optimize decision making processes

You can also benefit from full support of our practiced staff. We provide consulting services including building scorecards on the basis of Client’s data sets as well as implement efficient scoring solutions. High quality is guaranteed by our vast experience.

Depending on your business sector and goals Scorecard for Statistica can make your company better – click the section you are interested in to see more.

Credit risk assessment

The approach implemented in Scorecard for Statistica helps you efficiently assess customer’s credit risk, and thus reduce the number of unpaid debts. This approach is commonly applied in the financial sector, however it is also efficient in any other type of business, where we need to decide whether to grant a merchant credit on a regular basis.

Financial companies use scoring models and scorecards built in Scorecard for Statistica to quickly accept (or reject, depending on the calculated score for a particular customer) loan applications on the basis of objective criteria while ensuring increased security.

Debt collection (recovery) optimization

Scorecard for Statistica can help you determine:

  • which debts are likely to become bad,
  • which of the bad debts may still be paid back (and profitable),
  • which of the bad debts may be “self-cured” and do not need any special attention
  • which way of approaching a bad creditor is likely to be the most efficient in each case,
  • which of the bad debts are highly likely not to be paid back (and may be sold).

Fraud detection

Scorecard for Statistica can help you determine which transactions, claims, activities, etc. are highly likely to be fraudulent. This enables you to both prevent loses, and gain your customer’s trust as a company that follows high security standards.

Churn prevention / customer retention

Models built in Scorecard for Statistica can predict which customers are likely to churn (i.e. to discontinue using your service or product). Such information is very useful, because convincing the customer not to churn costs much less that acquisition of a new one or winning back a churner.


Scorecard for Statistica allows you to easily convert data into a scaled scorecard. No specialized knowledge is required to build a scorecard – the user is guided step by step through sequent stages. Advanced users can additionally adjust the process, tune the outcome. This enables analysts to have full control of scorecards, refresh them at any point, and promptly respond to market changes. Click to see more

Scorecard for Statistica allows you to quickly build industry standard in-house scorecard models using a comprehensive set of features:

Select important features from the data

  • Exclude unimportant or redundant variables
  • Create a variable ranking of overall predictive power
  • Identify redundancy among variables

Find subgroups representing high risk

  • Search rules enabling the identification of high-risk subgroups
  • Use advanced data mining algorithm to identify rules

Build risk profiles for each characteristic

  • Shape the awareness of the impact of each variable on risk
  • Manage “dirty data” – outliers, missing data, and nonlinearities

Create industry standard in-house scorecards

  • Quickly develop in-house scorecards
  • Use advanced predictive analytics to build the model
  • Manage rejected applications

Validate and monitor models

  • Check the predictive power of the model
  • Find the optimal pricing strategy
  • Examine population stability

Quickly implement models in the IT environment (Score engine)

  • On-line real-time scoring for models built with Scorecard for Statistica
  • Build complex strategies using models and segmentation
  • Get from building a scorecard to its implementation in a few minutes

More information on Score engine solution

Score engine is a solution for on-line scoring with models built with Scorecard for Statistica. Its main features are:

  • Communication with other IT systems via Web Service,
  • Handling scoring models built with Scorecard for Statistica,
  • Defining multiple scenarios (for example for various products or sets of input characteristics)
  • Support of multiple models within one scenario,
  • Creating of derivative variables on the basis of input data
  • Creating and management of model selection rules,
  • Setting and adjustment of many cut-off points for each model (for example the warning level),
  • Easy models management (adding, activating, deactivating, etc.),
  • Recording the history of "life" of models – modifications, activations, etc.
  • Logs of events related to the scoring calculations.

Additional services

Our data analysis professionals will help you solve your problems! We provide data analysis services:

  • Building scorecards based on real datasets describing your customers!
  • Customization of Scorecard for Statistica solution to your individual needs (additional modules, reports, indexes, etc.)
  • Implementing on-line scoring using scorecards
  • Training courses on how to build scorecards
  • Consulting services: building and validation of scorecards, finding optimal cut-off points, including rejected applicants, etc.
  • Any other data analysis services

Users' feedback

Scorecard for Statistica has been used by many companies all over the world – in Europe (Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Estonia), North America (USA, Mexico), Africa (Republic of South Africa). Here are references from some of them:

Millennium Bank

Millennium Bank for over ten years effectively supports data analysis with comprehensive and user-friendly Statistica software. Basing on experience with Statistica, Credit Risk Department decided to extend analytic capabilities with scorecard development and maintenance solutions – Scorecard for Statistica. It is a crucial element in effective credit risk management, which is becoming more and more important nowadays. That is why so many financial institutions choose Scorecard for Statistica – popular and reliable tool, well known on the Polish market.

We are very pleased that, Millennium Bank joined the group of satisfied users of Scorecard for Statistica:

We consider this software (Scorecard for Statistica) to be highly useful in every day development of credit risk modeling methods. Millennium Bank considers StatSoft Polska to be among the group of its most reliable business partners.

Head of Risk Department, Louis Paul

Axcess Financial Poland

To improve and automate the process of verification of applications, we established cooperation with StatSoft Poland in the field of construction of scoring models that rate the credit risk of customers. The project proceeded in accordance with our requirements and expectations. The business analysis of the loans granting process identified potential risk factors and resulted in suggestions of derivative variables complementing the risk profile of customers. StatSoft Poland developed a scorecard evaluating willingness to repay obligations. It has been implemented in our system, which results in better and faster assessment of the risks associated with customers.

The Scorecard for Statistica solution provided by StatSoft Poland enabled us to develop our own skills in the area of construction and evaluation of scoring models and scorecards. It provides a rich set of modules which enable easy and efficient performance of complete analysis: from the selection of the data, to the preparation of the final scoring model. It also offers a flexible environment for building user’s own procedures and for analyses tailored to the needs of our company.

StatSoft Poland also conducted trainings on construction of scoring models for us. Practical experience of the instructor, use of our real data during workshops, numerous references to the literature on the subject – these are just some of the factors that ensured high efficiency of the training courses. In a short time we significantly broadened our knowledge in the area of constructing scoring models, and we got to know the capabilities of Scorecard for Statistica software.

We recommend StatSoft Poland as a credible and reliable business partner!

Ovais Siddiqui, General Manager


The great number of PKO BP customers translates into a vast amount of data describing customer behavior, transactions, bank products purchased, etc. That is why the Bank needs an efficient tool to enable it to dig into knowledge buried in such data. Tests were done, following which the Bank chose Statistica Data Miner. The main areas in which Statistica is used at PKO BP involve risk assessment, scoring models, and marketing techniques.

Our long-term work with PKO BP has produced, among others, a suggested solution: Scorecard for Statistica. It effectively combines the Statistica analytical capabilities, the knowledge of StatSoft consultants in data analysis, and the experience of PKO BP staff in practical use of scorecards.

Stefczyk Credit Union

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for our cooperation so far in implementing software to create and validate Scorecard for Statistica scoring models, as we express hopes for further effective cooperation.

For almost four years, we have been using Statistica PL data analysis software. Needless to say how friendly this environment is to the analyst; nonetheless implementation of the new Scorecard for Statistica module helped discover new opportunities and dig deeper into the software's functionalities, not only in developing scoring models, but in other functionalities as well.

While testing the newest version of Scorecard for Statistica, StatSoft consultants displayed solid knowledge and deep involvement. Our decision to purchase the software and use the Credit Scoring in Statistica workshop was taken without much hesitation. Our use of this software significantly reduced the workload in creating scoring charts, their validation and reporting, and greatly increased the quality of such work.

At present, SKOK Stefczyka is using Scorecard for Statistica. We can confidently recommend this product to any financial institution (and not only those) which intends to reduce its financial risks and improve its sales process.

Izabela Rutkowska, Risk Assessment Manager


Assessing the services provided by StatSoft Polska, specialized Scorecard solution, and Statistica data analysis platform we recommend StatSoft Polska as a proven and reliable supplier of data analysis solutions for debt collection companies. We are satisfied with the cooperation, commitment and quality of the work carried out.

Barbara Rudziks, Board Member


The software has been used to create and validate scoring models for assessing credit risk. It also contains additional Statistica analytical tools, which are universal and can be used in other areas as well.

The project proceeded in accordance with our requirements and expectations, services were completed professionally, and on time, and analytical consulting was carried out with great commitment and high professional level.

Manager of Analysis Department

About the company

StatSoft Polska is the Scorecard for Statistica developer. We are Statistica Partner, distributor of Statistica software, and technical partner supporting Statistica software users.

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